Veterinary Nutrition Specialty Service (VNSS)

Feeding is an integral part of animal companionship. We help you navigate your choices.

We are here to help with

tough nutrition questions and cases

using a neutral, dynamic, and evidence-based approach.

Veterinary Nutrition Specialty Service (VNSS) provides affordable nutrition consulting services to clients of general practice veterinarians and veterinary specialists. Consultations are provided both remotely through any referring veterinarians in Southern, Central, or Northern California* and directly through in-person appointments for pet owners in the Bay Area.

*Client communications are directly handled by the referring veterinarian and/or their staff for all remote consultations.


Veterinary Nutrition Specialty Service (VNSS) helps veterinarians and pet owners with:

Palatable homemade diets for healthy pets and sick patients

Challenging nutritional cases such as with food allergies and/or multiple diseases

Critical care nutritional support (enteral & parenteral nutrition)

Weight loss or weight gain counseling utilizing a highly customized approach


We are currently not accepting any new patients. Please check back after August 2023.

Commercially Prepared Pet Food Recommendation

Weight Loss Counseling & Plan

Homemade Diet Evaluation & Formulation*

Critical Care Nutrition Formulation & Monitoring Plan

Nutritional Supplement/Treat Evaluation Repory

Recheck appointments & reformulations charged at lower subsidized rate.

All fees will be due to "Veterinary Nutrition Specialty Service".

*We do not formulate raw food (uncooked meats) diets